Thursday, 24 August 2017

New Look Pleated Globe Ornaments

This year, I've added a new dimensional feature to my pleated globe ornaments. Each pleat has a circular projection - this creates a nifty spiral effect. Easier than it looks, once you know how!

Here are your free print-and-cut ornaments:

To make the globes, first do a quick study with my Pleated Paper Globe Tutorial. These globes are pretty similar - you just have to make a few simple allowances for the added cut-out feature:

1 Print and the design onto 160gsm photocopier cardstock. 
2 Cut it out. If making the .pdf version, you must carefully cut the half-moons on the leftside of each circle design.
3 Score the fold lines, indicated by printed areas, using a fine-point embossing tool (hold against a small metal ruler for the straight lines).
Important: do not score across the circles.
4 Prime the folds - pre-crease them - accordion folds and Vs at top and bottom. 
5 Glue discs onto the wrong side of the ornament, directionally aligned with front discs.
6 Glue a continuous strip, then a ring.
7 Hanging loop: narrow ribbon  tied around a pony bead.
8 Use a tapestry needle to gather the top and bottom edges, popping the hanging loop in top, before closing.


Impressive pleating is sooo much easier when the fold lines are printed! Have fun making your print, cut, pleat ornaments. :D