Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Boingy Valentine Pop-Up

Here's a fun Valentine that you can make either as a surprise card or as a freestanding greeting. The zig-zag folds are fun to do and give the design bounce.

Here's your free Valentine:


To make the boingy heart:

1 Print onto photocopier card.

2 Score the folds using a fine-point embossing tool held against a metal ruler.

3 Cut out.

4 Crease the folds as shown in photo. 

5 Glue the two lowest triangles onto the base - this adds stability.

6 If making a freestanding boingy Valentine, glue the square on to weight the base.

To make the card

1 Print onto photocopier card.

2 Cut out, carefully cutting the closure tab. 

3 Fold the right side of the front cover back.  Glue the purple trim onto the turnback, if desired. 

4 You can either crease the card spine or leave it as a soft, matchbook-style fold.

5 Glue the pop-up heart onto the centre of the inside card back. Close the tab.

Enjoy folding and giving your boingy Valentines. :)