Monday, 8 July 2013

Mini Magazine Rack Tutorial

Desktop caddies: sized for postcards or Artist Trading Cards.
Side view - so you can see the different styles.
Another style.
Interchangeable pieces so you can choose a style to suit!
No-frills version.

I like to shuffle through my museum postcards for inspiration before I start a project, so I though it would be handy to have a desktop caddy for them. These reto-look mini-magazine racks can be sized to fit either postcards or ATCs. They're also handy for gift presentation. In fact, you can make them up in quantity quickly - so they make good party favours, maybe for a housewarming.

I've got downloads for cutting files and .pdfs, followed by a tutorial.


The magazine rack template given is for the Artist Trading Card size. Enlarge the templates by 140% for the postcard-size mag rack.

Now for the tut:
Style 1 Mini Magazine Rack
1. Above, Style 1 pattern pieces cut out and folded. I marked the fold lines with my Martha Stewart Mini Scoring Board (and the accompanying bone folder) - the compact size is very handy.
2. I'm using d/s tape to demo the mag rack. When you make it up for real, you can use tacky glue (more economical). Anyhoo, here are the pieces prepped and ready for assembly.
3. Here, the divider is joined at the top, and the sides have been joined to the base.
4. Joining the sides.
5. Smooth down the long edge flaps. The mag rack base is finished. Looks a bit like a baby's cot!
6. This pic shows the divider and the mag rack base assembled.
7. To complete the mini mag rack, slide the divider into the base. Remember to stick down the base flaps - essential! Also stick the side flaps of the divider onto side flaps of the base. That's it for Style 1.

Style 2 Mini Magazine Rack
1. Pattern pieces cut and scored. (There's also another style of handle provided - not shown here - without the grab hole - but the assembly method is the same.)

2. Pieces taped and ready to go. If you are using textured paper, think about which side needs to be glued.
3. Base with sides attached.
4. The sides have been joined. Now fold under the long flaps.
5. The handle and base, ready to be assembled. Note how the handle sides are spread open.
6. Attaching the first handle side. Align the edges of the handle sides with the mag rack base side. Repeat for other side of handle. All done!
7. The finished mini mag rack, style 2. As previously mentioned, the other style 2 handle is attached in a similar manner. There's no handle hole. There's a grip instead. Wrap it around the handle.
Above, a pic of the Style 2 Mag Rack with the other handle style (narrower, no cut-out - but with a grip wrap).
Remember those newspaper taxis that cruised London a few years ago - or Cosmo Kramer's coffee table book from Seinfeld? Well, above is a mini magazine rack made out of newspaper... (more or less)

Stuff I used: American Crafts Cardstock is an ideal weight for this project. 

Thanks to Leah for taking the main pics even though she was pushed with deadlines, and to Michael for taking the how-tos.