Thursday, 25 July 2013

Print-and-Cut Fans ... plus No-Hassle-Tassel Tutorial

Fan on left is digi-cut, fan on right is .pdf hand-cut.
Choice of colourways.
Cut out, accordion-pleat, staple... tah-dah! Cool : )

Here's a quickie project that might just come in handy during the heatweave. An easy-make accordion-pleated fan in an engineered print.

To make, just download and print out the design. Cut it out, digi- or by hand (if cutting by hand, use a craft knife and ruler for the straight sides, scissors for the scalloped edge). Score the pleats using an embossing tool held against a straightedge. Pleat the pleats - use a bone folder for nice, crisp ones. Staple the handle. 

The tassel is optional. If you do want a tassel, punch a hole in the fan handle with a 1/16" circle hand punch. The tassel is easily made from craft thread and the tut follows.

Here are your free fan downloads:

"Beach Glass" refers to the blue/green colourway. It reminds me of beach glass. See, you feel cooler already!

No-Hassle-Tassel Tutorial

1. You'll need craft thread in two contrasting colors, scissors, a tapestry needle, and a piece of card the desired height of your tassel (6-7cm/2-2-1/2in) with two notches cut in the bottom.
2. Make the tassel body out of the lighter thread colour. Catch one end in a notch and start wrapping, butting adjacent wraps against each other. Twenty wraps in all.
3. Catch the thread in the second notch when you are done wrapping.

4. Cut a piece of craft thread, make a loop and tuck it under the top of the wrapped threads.
5. Thread the tails through the loop and pull it tight.

6. Cut straight across the bottom of the thread to free the tassel from the card.
7. Trim the thread ends level.
8. Now for the "magic" bit. Cut a length of contrast thread and make a loop. Lay the loop lengthwise along the tassel, loop end down.
9. Take the longer free end of the contrast thread and wrap it around the tassel, starting at the top and working downwards, catching in the loop, but leaving the loop end visible. Wrap firmly, placing the wraps close together.
Thread the wrap-end through the bottom loop.  Next, pull slowly and steadily from the top.
10. Now thread the end of the wrapping thread through the loop. You can use the tapestry needle to do this. To finish the tassel carefully and slowly pull the shorter free end at the top of the tassel wrap. This will  draw up the loop at the bottom and the thread within it, encasing them within the spiral wrap so they cannot unravel. You can trim off the remaining thread end at the top of the tassel-wrap. The tassel is now finished.

11. To finish the fan, thread the tassel through the hole in the base of the fan and tie it on, trimming the thread ends.

Thanks to Leah and Michael for taking the pics on a hot day.