Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentine Cards - last-minute printables!

Screen-style pop-up.
Fold panels back and stick down for a conventional-open card.
Clock the presentation pocket!
There's a simple-fold card with a liner, too.
Also with a presentation pocket.
Option A: simple pop-up.
Option B: flat with liner.
Some last-minute Valentine cards for you today. Simple to make - print and cut - not much sticking. There are two styles to choose from: a pop-up screen-style (as in furniture, not as in computer) card, and a conventional-open card with a patterned liner. Both cards have presentation pockets instead of sealed envelopes - the likelihood being that there will be no need to mail the card to your nearest and dearest!

The floral print on the cards is inspired by Love Hearts candy. (If you look closely at the flowers,  you will see that each petal is adorned with a Love Heart and phrase.)

Here are your printables:



To make the pop-up, print out the card and cut it out. With a craft knife, cut the two arcs on either side of the flower circle (pic above). Score the fold lines indicated. Make sure you score the centre fold across the centre of the big flower. To fold the card, accordion it, folding the flower circle as a mountain fold, and the areas above and below the flower circle as valley folds. 

This type of simple one-sheet-of-paper pop-up is the subject of a genius new book by Paul Jackson, papercraft guru extraordinaire:
(I'll be featuring more about this amazing new book, soon.)

The pocket for the pop-up is of one-piece construction. Cut it out, score the centre, bottom and side folds. Tuck bottom and side flaps under and stick them down. Finished: slip in the card. 

Love Heart Valentine

To make this card, print, then cut, the card and liner. You only need to secure the top of the liner to the inside of the card blank. Use a bit of d/s tape or a glue stick. The liner looks classy in translucent paper - like lightweight parchment.

The pocket for this card comes in two pieces, due to the size of the card. Cut out the pocket front and fold the flaps on three sides. Cut out the pocket back. Stick the folds onto the back piece. Your choice as to whether you put the printed side on the card back facing frontwards or to the back. Finished: slip the card in.

No sweets as props for this photoshoot - holding out for Valentine's Day for anticipated non-prop sweet treat!

Have a great Valentine's Day.