Tuesday, 18 February 2014

One-sheet Pop-Ups

Card above, folded flat.
Yesterday I featured Paul Jackson's new book on simple one-sheet pop-ups. For today's post, I've done a quick study and come up with the cards above. Still on my training wheels - nothing really fancy in the cut-and-fold department, but I think you can see how one-sheet pop-ups can be very effective - and fun.
I added a strut to the designer shopping bag birthday card, so that it can be propped up, easel-style (but it still fits on a single sheet of A4 cardstock). The shopping bag also has a gift tag, as an additional feature.
Here are your printable cards:
The flowerpot and shopping bag cards have how-tos printed on-page, to talk you through the cutting and folding.
The flower Thanks card is pretty simple - so no on-page instructions.
Just cut the card out, cut the scalloped slit with a craft knife, then score the folds. Examine the photo to see how the card is folded, taking notice of mountain and valley fold directions.
These cards collapse down flat for posting. The flower card and the shopping bag card fold down into neat rectangles. The flowerpot card folds down into an irregular shape, which is more than compensated for by the surprise factor when the recipient opens it up in its 3-D splendour!
Don't forget to check out Paul Jackson's new book to learn about designing your own one-sheet Pop-Ups.