Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentine Gift Printables

Here are some Valentine printables that you can make up in no time. The theme: Love Heart sweeties, so my guess is that you'll fill them up with sweet treats. Choose from gift bags or ice cream cups.

Here are your free downloads:



As you can see, you have your choice of two gift bag shapes. The ice cream cups come in two prints, in either straight- or scalloped top. 

Everything is easy to make - so no tut today. For the bags, crease the folds, stick the side seam, and insert the base tab - you're done (apart from the gift tag and optional bow). You can make the bags foldable or more boxlike depending on the weight of the cardstock you choose.

Ice cream cups: flex the body piece to make it curve gently. Stick the back seam. Fold the base tabs. Apply glue to the tabs and lower the base into the cup. Make sure you do this on a firm surface. Make sure the base is flush with the surface. Next, adhere the tabs. Add the gift tag - tie it on through one of the slots. Fill the ice cream cup with the contents - the lid tabs fit in the slots.

Have a sweet Valentine's Day!