Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Valentine Goodie Bags

Some sweet shop nostalgia today - Valentine goodie bags decorated with apothecary jar motifs. Two ways to make them: with a cellophane window for a realistic jar effect, or as a simple printable with an apothecary pic on the front. Both are a cinch to make. You can make them up in quantity for parties.

The bag style is a demi-pillow box: arched flaps on the bottom, but with a top opening. There's a built-in handle to tie together at the top. The top is secured with a flap so the bag contents can't fall out.

Here are your downloads. Tut follows.

Valentine Goodie Bag Tutorial
1 Print out your gift bags and cut out the basic shape. Score and fold the centre fold - use a small metal ruler and a fine-point embossing tool (a spent fine-point pen work well, too). Next, mark the side flap, butting the ruler against the long bag edge. 
2 Next, mark the top flap in the same way.
3 Fold the side flap inwards and crease with a bone folder.
4 Now it is time to mark the curved lines of the pillow folds. Use the marquise-shaped template as your guide. The side with the sharpest curve faces upwards.
5 Make sure you mark the back curve in the same way! Fold gently along the scored lines when you are done.
6 Above, the inside of the bag, folded and prepped. Cut a piece of cellophane just slightly larger all round than the cut-out - you can get several "windows" out of a cello card protector envelope. Go around the perimeter of the apothecary jar cut out with pieces of d/s tape. You also need a snippet of tape on the bottom front flap and under the top flap.
The tape for the long side flap belongs on the front side.
7 Smooth the cellophane in place over the cutout.
8 Stick the label on the centre front of the apothecary jar.
 9 Seal the long side flap. Align the edges carefully.
10 Seal the bottom flap.
11 Your sweetie bag is now finished. Add a bow to the top of the apothecary jar, fill the bag with sweet treats, seal the handle flap and tie a bow round the handle. You can add a gift tag, too.

I like to put the sweets in a clear cello bag inside the bag. That way, the gift bag can be recycled - and the sweets can be removed easily.

Of course, the bag styles without the window cutouts are even easier to make.

I have to admit, I hit the M&Ms while doing this post. Never had the ones with crispy rice inside before! Here, I'd like to share some:
Have a great Valentine's Day!