Friday, 31 January 2014

Crazy Patchwork Valentine Gift Set

Today's project is a co-ordinated Valentine pop-up card and gift matchbox. The pop-up is engineered to fit the top of the matchbox perfectly. 

There are two different card styles, three different matchbox wraps, and three different drawer styles, too - so you can mix and match the patterns to your heart's content (see what I did there).

Here are your free downloads. (A tut follows - but everything's easy as pie!)



Crazy Patchwork Valentine Gift Set Tutorial
The Card
1 Above, the card creased but unfinished. As you can see, the card is divided into thirds - the cover folds back to conceal the pop-up mechanism. The important thing to remember is this:
Crease the card centre fold - to either side of the heart pop-up - before
you cut the card out from the paper.
At the same time, mark all the other fold lines with an embossing tool held against a small metal ruler. Folds at the base of the heart, at the top and bottom ends of the two heart strips, and also mark the foldline across the base of the card front.
2 Cut out the card and the pop-up sections as require. Fold the pop-up - gently pull the heart outwards and upwards. On the back of the card, apply d/s tape as shown above.

3 Press the cover down onto the tape and smooth it down. Your card is now finished!:
Valentine Matchbox
1 Fold the drawer and the wrap as shown. The design lines guide your folds. You must fold the long sides of the matchbox drawer in half lengthwise, inwards. Punch the brad holes with a 1/8in circle hand punch.

2 On the right side of the drawer, apply d/s tape to the right sides of the short tabs. On the wrong side of the drawer, apply d/s tape to the outer edges of the long and short sides.
3 To assemble the drawer, fold up the drawer sides and join side tabs to their adjacent sides; then fold down and stick the long and short sides.
Insert the brads, spread their wings. 
4 To assemble the matchbox wrap, crease the folds and overlap the long side on one side of the box. The top long side is a smidge longer than the bottom one: this side belongs on top. Slid the drawer into the wrap. It's a wrap!: your matchbox is now finished:
You can fix the pop-up to the box top with sticky dots, or simply tie it on with ribbon (the preferred option). I like to make a stack of matchboxes with a card on top. Go wild!
There are gift tags, too - so you have the option of giving a gift box without the pop-up card.