Monday, 27 January 2014

Super-Sized Sequins & Spangles

These are cup sequins. The facets make the sparkle!
These are spangles: flat cutouts. Some have "engraved" details.

Today I have two good ideas for the price of one (they're both free!). Number one: D-I-Y super-sized sequins and spangles made out of mirror card. Big fun. Number two: give them as a gift to a crafty friend. Or, give them out as party favours in their cute packaging, and spend the party sequin-and-spangle-crafting (I am thinking kids here).

Papercrafted sequins can be easily stuck onto card with foam squares (I use Thin 3D Foam Squares from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L). I like to use the foam squares for the spangles, too - gives them a bit of lift.

These shapes are best cut out with a digital paper cutter, but I've also given .pdf files for those who want to give hand-cutting a try.

Here are your free downloads. A tut follows.
Here's the glitz:

Here's the packaging:


Super-Sized Sequins & Spangles Tutorial

1 Cut your sequin shapes out from mirror card. Cut the guide stencils (in green) out from plain cardstock. If hand-cutting, use a 1/16" circle hand punch for the holes. You also need a fine-point embossing tool, a small metal ruler, and a foam mat (for flower-making, or a the flip side of a mouse mat will do).
2 Place the guide over the sequin shape, edges aligned, sequin mirror side face down. Inscribe the centre shape firmly. Remove the guide.

These sequins are inscribed, but not yet folded.

3 Next, draw the short lines that go from the centre shape to the outer edge of the sequin. Butt the tool against the ruler to make straight, accurate lines. I have marked the wrong side of the sequin so you can see the "fold lines" - but in real life, they are only inscribed.
Aim for a gently domed look.
Four-sided shapes are even easier to fold!

4 On the right side of the sequin, gently squeeze the fold lines - the "cup" takes shape. You can squeeze adjacent sides together. Aim for visible fold lines, but not sharp creases.
5 Back on the flip side, you can make final adjustments. You can go over the inscribed lines with the tool for more definition.
 6 Above, the finished sequins. Very snazzy - and convincing!

To make the spangles: 
The spangles are a simple cut-out job. Mark the design lines with the embossing tool as indicated - on the right side of the spangle.

To make the gift packaging:
Card topper: place the embellishments in a cello bag. Fold the cardstock topper in half over the bag top. You can attach the card topper with d/s tape or staples (hold the stapler sideways, or use a long-reach stapler).

Ice cream cups: see how-tos for Valentine Ice Cream Cup Gift Boxes, an earlier post.

What to do with your sequins and spangles? You could make a card...

They're not fake anything... they're real paper sequins!
Have fun making your papercrafted sequins and spangles... and lots of bling things.