Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year & Thanks Pop-Up Cards

Happy 2014 - wishing you all a happy and creative New Year! Today I have some simple pop-up cards you can make in a jiffy: choice of Happy New Year (work fast!) or Thank You (comes in handy right about now). 

The cards are inspired by ancient Greek and Roman motifs - perhaps I was thinking about the Roman god, Janus, who looked both forwards and backwards - an appropriate New Year theme.

For each card, there's an outer cover and a pop-up liner. Make the cover out of cardstock and the liner out of paper.

Here are your free downloads:




It is desirable for your pop-up cut and fold lines not to print. What I do is to print out a reference copy on scrap paper to use as a folding guide. Then I tweak the line colour settings to make the lines invisible (if using a digital cutter, you have to set the cut lines anyhow...).

To make each card, cut out the cover and score the fold; fold in half using a bone folder. For each pop-up insert, there are four vertical cuts to make for the stair-step pop-up. Once you have made the cuts, score the fold lines using your guide copy as a reference. Score the centre fold (to either side of the pop-up). Also score the line at the base of the pop up, a fold line at the top of each stair-step, and another line about 12mm (3/8in) below the top of each stair-step. 

I like to use a fine-point embossing tool held against a 15cm (6in) metal ruler to score my folds. The pop-up centre folds are valley folds, as are the the folds at the top of each stair-step and the fold at the base of the stair-step. The folds just below the top stair-step folds are mountain folds. Crease all the folds very carefully - use a bone folder.

To attach the pop-up insert to the card base, stick a piece of d/s tape to either side of the centre fold on the underside of the insert. Insert the pop-up, butting it against the inside of the card centre fold. You can also add a piece of d/s tape under the top of the pop-up insert.

Happy New Year... and thanks for visiting!