Sunday, 19 January 2014

Valentine Ice Cream Cup Gift Boxes

Ice cream cups (or tubs - whatever you call them) are irresistibly cute - which makes them the ideal box shape for small gifts or treats. I call these Valentine Ice Cream Cups, but you can use them year round for many occasions. The colourway is retro. The cups have a slot-top closure. And they come with optional gift tags. Best of all: they are super quick and easy to make.

Here are your free downloads:


To make each cup:
1  Shape the cup body over your fingers to make it curve gently, then join the flap with d/s tape or tacky PVA glue.
2 Score the folds on the base piece tabs and fold them upwards. Apply a dab of glue to each tab. Place the cup body on a flat surface and insert the base piece, face down. Adhere all the tabs. I like to stick down the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock tabs first, then do the ones in between. Make sure the cup base is flush with the table. 
3 If using a gift tag, tie in onto the cup through one of the top slots. 
4 Score and fold the lid tab upwards. Insert the tabs in the slots. Tah dah - ice cream gift box. 

Of course, you can mix and match the lids and bases - go wild. And re-use the cups if they haven't been used for food items.