Thursday, 2 January 2014

Piggy Bank Envelopes

Skint? Time to start saving! Here's a fun project that you can make up in no time: Piggy Bank Envelopes. I like to make them up in 160gsm cardstock - they are nice and sturdy that way. The coin slot is reinforced, so the envelopes will last until they are full! Plus, there's a seal on the back - no cheating if your resolve to save begins to go!

Here are your free downloads:


And here is the key to the designs:
To make each envelope, print out your envelope. Add a name or a savings goal above the piggy. The typeface I used is Curlz MT - it picks up the piggy tail curlicue. Next, simply cut out the envelope, seal, and coin slot reinforcement. Cut the slot out with a craft knife held against a metal ruler. Work over a self-healing cutting mat.

Glue the slot reinforcement behind the slot. Score the folds, then crease and seal them. You can glue them with tacky glue or use d/s tape. Stick the seal onto the flap to finish.

These Piggy Bank envies make fun party favours - you can make them up quickly in quantity. 

Happy saving! I hope you have a fun savings goal. (I think I'll be going for a digital mag subscription!).