Sunday, 15 February 2015

Make a Storage Bunting!

Here's a festive way to organize your craft supplies -  a storage bunting. Each pennant is a triangular pillow box. Identify the contents on the flip side of the pennant-shaped tags. Make as few or as many as you need.

The containers are ideal for small craft supplies such as brads, buttons, or paperclips. Fun - and functional!

Here are your free printables:






Storage Bunting
To Make:
1. Print out the templates on 160gsm photocopier card.
2. Score the fold lines with a fine-point embossing tool (held against a small metal ruler for the straight lines).
3. Cut out the pieces.
4. Carefully pierce brad holes in the centre front and the top pillow arc.
5. Insert brads through the brad mats and through the holes in turn. Spread the brad wings.
6. Crease all the folds, including the curving pillow arcs.
7. Fold the top of the container back down. Stick it down.
Make sure you glue down the top edge of the cut-out area - but don't glue the hanging loops together! (You can use PVA glue or d/s tape.)
8. Stick the triangular backing onto the back of the pillow box. 
9. Stick the long side seam of the pillow box.
10. Tie on a length of craft thread onto the top brad. 
11. Tie the tag onto a hanging loop.
12. Thread ribbon through the hanging loops. Alternate colours of the pillow boxes.

This bunting would make a cute party decoration. Party favours could be placed in labelled boxes, and the bunting could be taken down at the end of the party and the gift boxes distributed.