Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentine's Pyramid Surprise Box

Today's make is a Valentine's Pyramid Surprise Box in my Hearts & Flowers pattern. Pyramid because - that's obvious. Surprise because there's a box within the box. Tah dah! (I like to place a wrapped sweet on top of the box, inside the pyramid. Added gift value!)

The pyramid box is the easiest thing ever to make. Just cut it out, score and crease the folds. The flaps are folded inwards - there is nothing to glue. Just thread a ribbon through the top holes.

Here are your free printables (there are two styles, with slightly different colourways):


Tip: make sure you tie the gift tag on through one of the apex holes and not onto the ribbon - that might complicate opening the box.

And, of course, you can use either the pyramid or the mini-box as a solo gift container.

This make is not just for Valentine's Day. Craft if for Mother's Day or birthdays, or use as party or wedding favours. 

Here's a link back to my ski-sweater stye Pyramid Surprise Box. The weather's pretty wintry, so they are still very seasonal!

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