Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ziggur-Basket Tutorial

I call these gift containers Ziggur-Baskets. Actually, they are inverted ziggurats, but they wouldn't make great baskets the other way around:
The amazing thing about these unique stair-step containers is that they are pretty easy to make. Just do your homework and carefully pre-crease the pattern template and they practically self-assemble! In keeping with the zig-zag theme, the handles are streamlined gum-wrapper chains. 
Stackable storage.

Here are your free printables (a tutorial follows):


Ziggur-Basket Tutorial
1 Cut out the pattern templates. Score the folds using a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler. Turn one of the two basket units 90 degrees and stick the basket units together at the base. Pre-crease all the folds. The basket sides accordion. The base of each deep blue stripe is a valley fold, and the top of each deep blue strip is a mountain fold. Put pieces of double-sided tape on all the side tabs and also under all four top edges.
2 Join all four side tabs on the base layer. The square ends of the deep blue layer slide beneath the angled ends - that's the important bit. On to the next level:
3 Join-and-slide tier two in exactly the same way. Next, join the tabs of level three, then turn the top flaps to the inside:
You have now completed the basket base. Punch or pierce holes at the dots for the handles.
4 Make the gum-wrapper chain handle. You need two end links and 19 or 20 handle links. 
To fold each link: fold each strip in half. Fold strip ends to centre.
To make the handle: a Slip first link over end piece as shown (1). Seal the end piece shut. b) Slide each link through the loops of the preceding link (2). Alternate the colours. Continue to a length of about 19 or 20 links.
4 To finish the handle, open out the last link to insert the link ends into the remaining handle end.
5 Attach the handle to the basket sides with brads.
Fill your basket with paper shred for a perfect little Easter basket. The baskets make fun party favours.