Sunday, 8 February 2015

Valentine's Matchbox Gift Box

A Valentine's matchbox gift container today - inspired by Mexican papel picado. You can make the easy option (top) - and print out the entire project. Or, you can make a hybrid version (above) and cut-out the banner design on the lid. The cut-out panel can be cut with a digital papercutter or - if you like a challenge - by hand.

Assembling the matchbox is a cinch. The curved panels on the matchbox wrap indicate where to fold it. And - I have devised foolproof drawer pulls:
By attaching the pull to a paper rectangle that fits exactly inside the matchbox drawer side, you get a perfectly centred drawer pull every time. I guess in this case, you could call them "love handles"...

Here are your free printables:


Some more notes about making the project: If you cut out the banner design, glue the provided backing shape behind (choose a contrast colour - vellum is nice). Only make the tags as printables - cutting out is way too fussy!
Have fun making your matchboxes. Have a lovely Valentine's Day.


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