Sunday, 2 August 2015

Back-to-School Mug Hug Tutorial

Today is National Colouring Book Day - which is why I am giving you a useful project to make! :) You have plenty of time before the new term commences to make several of these very useful stationery-themed organisers. Make them for kids, friends, teachers. 

The B-T-S Mug Hug organiser is comprised of holster-style accordion pockets, plus a pencil holder and a paperclip box that sit within the mug. 

The project fits an 8cm(3-1/8in)-diameter mug - that's standard garden variety.

This is a straightforward print-and-cut project. Take it one step at a time. I'll talk you through it.

Here are your printables. Four files are needed to make the works. I am supplying you with .pdf files (for handmade - I'm not counting the use of a printer), and .studio and .svg files for all you digital papercrafters out there. 




Back-to-School Mug Hug Organiser

1 Print all of the files on 160gsm white photocopier cardstock. Score the folds using a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler. Cut the templates out. Crease the folds. Use a bone folder for nice, crisp folds (this is especially desirable on the accordion pockets).

2 Glue the reinforcements over the holes on the Mug Hug base. For a super-durable Mug Hug, glue reinforcements onto both the front and
back sides. Note how the base is colour-coded for easy pocket placement.

3 Time to make the pockets. You need 5, total. Three of one colourway, two of the other. Or, if you prefer - all the same. As long as you make 5! Okay - the pockets have already been scored and creased. Accordion the sides as shown. Glue the side flap onto the back of the pocket (not inside it), then turn up the bottom flap and glue it in place. You can use either tacky PVAglue applied with a cocktail stick or d/s tape.

4 Next, attach the pockets to the Mug Hug Base as shown. Use tacky PVA glue or d/s tape, as before. The photo above shows a foolproof method for placing the pockets. Crease the folds of the base before attaching the pocket. This works a treat for easy alignment, and it also gives you a whisper of ease between the pockets.

5 Time to attach the Mug Hug to the mug. You need 35cm(14in) of ribbon and a tapestry needle. Lace the Mug Hug in place underneath the handle. Thread the ribbon through the holes shoelace-style (under first, then criss-cross, then out either side). Tie in a bow. Trim the ends of the ribbon I like to seal the ribbon ends with sparingly-applied PVA glue, to prevent fraying.

6 Next, make the hexagonal mini-box. This sits in the base of the mug. The folds have been creased - all you have to do turn up the box sides and glue (or tape) the adjacent sides. The box is swirl-close. Turn down the flaps consecutively (the square side of each flap belongs underneath, the tabs belong on top). Tuck the tabs under where necessary. Tah-dah- a nifty self-locking spiral.

7 Now it is time to make the hexagonal pencil holder. You've already creased the folds. Join the pencil holder to make a cylinder.Turn the base tabs under and glue them under the base hexagon - take care aligning the edges. Finally turn the top tabs inside and stick them down, for a clean finish.

And that's it. Enjoy making your Back-to-School Mug Hug(s). And enjoy the summer hols!



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