Thursday, 20 August 2015

Himmeli-Look Wreath Ornaments

More Himmeli-look ornaments today - the wreaths I previewed in my previous blogpost. Both are super-easy to make.

Here are your free files:


The wreath above has 8 pie-slice segments. I know, it looks a bit like a ferris wheel - or a hamster wheel. To make each segment, crease folds as shown above. The folding is easy - simply fold each section in half.
Glue one end to the opposite end, then fold and glue the base. Glue 8 adjacent sections side-to-side to assemble the wreath.
One creased unit of the star wreath is shown above. To assemble the unit, glue the short tab at the inner edge to the opposite side. Next, glue the edges of the adjacent triangles. 

Now- there are two methods of assembling the wreath. You can glue the units together side-by-side - in which case you need six of them. Or, you can thread the units onto a piece of ribbon - bead style - and tie them together with a knotted bow - in which case, you only need five units! (Thread the ribbon through the cut-off side of the unit.)

Of course, you can reduce or enlarge the size of each unit to make smaller- or larger- wreaths. 

If you want a papercraft bow to decorate the wreaths, I have given you one in my previous post.

I'm not done yet with my Himmeli binge! Coming up soon: Himmeli-Look Bells. A little bit steampunk, lots of fun to make:
There will be a tut for them, so watch this space.