Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Happy Birthday Reversi-Bunting

Both sides now! I am probably re-inventing the wheel here, but it occurred to me that a double-sided bunting would be very useful for decking the halls. Very often buntings are suspended to hang free - and you'd want the same message on both sides. So - there's no way to show you from the pic, but trust me, it is exactly the same on the flip side. Handy for getting the message across!

So - here's a print-and-cut birthday bunting. There are four pages of templates. Use the assembly key on the last page or you will do your head in - take care to select the correct letter pairs in the correct sequence because there are some duplicate letters! (It would probably have been easy for Leondardo da Vinci...) It's fun though - like a puzzle.

Here are your print-and-cuts:




Apart from keeping the letters in the right order, assembling the bunting is a piece of cake. Just fold each pennant in half (I favour a soft fold rather than a hard crease - much more pleasing). A bit of d/s tape holds the sides together. Then thread the pennants onto a ribbon.
You can, of course, enlarge the templates as required (I had to fit a reasonable number onto a page).

You can make teeny Reversi-Buntings and use them as cake-toppers, mounting them on cake pop sticks, clothesline style.

If you feel adventurous, you can make your own Reversi-Buntings. The font I used is Bambi. Just plan them out on paper first. You could, of course, have a different message on the reverse of the bunting - but it would have to have exactly the same number of letters.

So - have fun with your festive messages.