Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Cathedral Window Gift Box

Here's a swirl-close gift box with a Cathedral Window lattice design. (I've always liked Cathedral Window patchwork, with its many folded corners.) You can line the cut-outs as shown, or leave them unlined if the "surprise factor" is not a gift-giving concern.

Each box is made of six identical panels. I've given you a choice of two tag styles.

Here are the box files:

Cathedral Window Gift Box

1 For each box, cut out six box panels. Score and crease the folds. Use a fine-point embossing tool held against a small metal ruler to score the folds. I recommend digi-cutting this project, but if you are using the .pdf file, then print the template. The printed side is the wrong side. Then carefully remove the cut-out areas with a craft knife.
For a stained glass look, line the panels with coloured vellum. If you are using prints for the liners, choose small prints in jewel tones. You might want to used a different-coloured liner for each panel - that would also look great in rich, saturated jewel colours.

2 Stick a liner behind the cut-out area of each box panel. Use 3mm/1/8-in wide d/s tape or PVA glue sparingly applied around the liner margins with a cocktail stick.

3 Join the adjacent panels railway-style. Use d/s tape or glue on the underlaps. Join the last to the first panel to complete the hexgonal box shape.

4 To fold the base, turn under consecutive flaps, tucking them under as necessary. The square corners go on the outside of the box, the pointy corners belong inside.
Box base
5 To close the top, fold down consecutive flaps, tucking the last one under.

6 Tags. Each tag consists of a cut-out lattice topper and a liner.

7 Make a tassel out of craft thread in coordinating colours. Tassel refresher course here. Thread the tassel tail through the tag and tie onto the box through a small pierced hole.

For a stained glass look, use vellum to line the panels. If you opt for print liners, select small prints in jewel tones. Or, try a different colour of liner behind each panel. Here, I would also recommend rich jewel colours.

Of course, you can size the box up or down according to your needs.

Because of its swirl-close nature, the box can be re-used.

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