Thursday, 10 September 2015

Laced Faux Leather Purse with 3D Flowers

After I posted my Laced Faux Leather Purse 
earlier this week, I had a lightbulb idea - insert flower cut-outs in the slots to create a 3D effect. This does work a treat - you just need to pop the petals though the cut-outs - no gluing needed. You can scrunch the petal corners to dimensionalise them. 

I have given you a new style of laced purse - with a row of three flowers. It is made in the same way as the Laced Faux Leather Purse - just eliminate the flap lining. The flower cut-out fits into the original tapered purse design (see pic above).

Two styles of flower have been provided - with either pointy or rounded petals.

Here are the designs:
FauxLeather Purse2.pdf
This project works best as a digi-cut project. In fact, the Faux Leather Paper is Silhouette brand . I was very pleased with my choice of lacing ribbon, which I got from The Ribbon Girl . The ribbons are 3mm wide and are Berisfords. The Bridal White/Ivory ribbon creates a fun gingerbread-y look when paired with the tan faux leather. And the Honey Gold ribbon on the white is rich and glamorous - but not tacky.
Here are the required ribbon metrages: 2.8m (3 yds) for Purse 2, and 1.5m (1-3/4yds) for Purse 1. In each case, cut off 20cm (8in) lengths for the ties.