Thursday, 3 September 2015

Himmeli-Look Pentagon Ball Wreath

Another Himmeli-look project (Himmeli being Finnish strawcraft) today.
You may have seen this wreath on Hochanda TV, the brand new craft channel - on last Monday's (31 Aug 15) Silhouette shows. Actually, I think that the TV wreath had the colourway reversed -
red wreath, green bow - but this is the same design.

The pentagon balls are really fun to make - like a puzzle. In fact, they are constructed in exactly the same way as this previous project, Snowflake Pentagon Ball
- the only difference being that the faces of the pentagon ball are cut out. The cut-out pentagon balls are incredibly light - in a fun way - they remind me of Wiffle Balls (remember them?).

The instructions for pentagon ball assembly is printed on the pattern template, and you can also check out the Snowflake Pentagon Ball project. 

Here are the files for the Pentagon Ball and Bow:



... and here's how to assemble the wreath:

Himmeli-Look Pentagon Ball Wreath

Make six pentagon balls. Glue the balls into a ring - join the bottom pentagon faces of adjacent balls. Use tacky PVA glue applied with a cocktail stick. Stick on the paper bow provided (a sticky dot does the job), or a add a ribbon bow.

Alternatively - no need to glue! - simply tie the pentagons together with ribbon bows, à la the second pic from top in this post. (I made that wreath out of straw-coloured paper, to mimic the look of authentic Himmeli.)

You can also assemble the pentagon balls in different wreath configurations. Make a batch of pentagon balls and experiment!

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