Monday, 14 September 2015

Laced Faux Leather Comb Case

I am still having fun experimenting with the Silhouette Faux Leather Paper . I thought I'd make a more masculine project - so here's a pocket comb case with a lacé feature. I love lacé designs - their look of intricacy belies the cut-and-fold ease of construction!

The ribbon is Berisford's Honey Gold 3mm double-faced satin.

Here are your free design files:

Faux Leather Comb Case

You need:
Silhouette Faux Leather Paper in Natural and White
2.1m (2-1/2yd) of 3mm-wide double-faced satin ribbon
A tapestry needle

1 Cut out the pattern templates. Case front and back in natural faux leather, front lining in white. Digital cutting is recommended, but if using the .pdf to cut by hand, punch the holes with a circle hand punch and cut the slits with a craft knife held against a small metal ruler (tape the faux leather onto a cutting mat or a thick piece of cardboard). 

2 Work the faux leather paper magic - wet it, then scrunch it up to bring out the leather grain effect. (Don't scrunch the Vs on the front of the case too much.) Let dry.

Cut off 35cm(14in) of the ribbon. Fold down the case front lacé Vs.Thread the ribbon into a tapestry needle. Knot the end. Work backstitch, catching in the Vs. Knot the end of the ribbon on the wrong side, first pulling the last stitch taut. 

4 Place the white lining behind the comb front piece. Sandwich on top of the comb case backing piece, aligning the holes. Thread tapestry needle with ribbon. Oversew the edges through all layers, taking care not to twist the ribbon. Go through the first and last holes several times to secure. Ribbon ends to inside of case. 

You will have plenty of Faux Leather Paper over for other projects!