Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Easter Egg Boxes

Egg boxes: tab or wrap closures.
Egg trays: no lids.
Trays with attached lids.
Here's a budget-conscious idea for distributing Easter chocs. Buy no-frills bags of choc eggs and prettily re-package them for giving! There are several variations on the egg box theme to choose from: plain box to fill with a pile of goodies, egg trays for half a dozen mini-eggs, and lidded trays. The egg trays are best for tabletop display or parties.

If you are making the egg tray styles, you may have to adjust the size of the egg holes to fit your particular choc eggs - so make up a trial egg box in scrap cardstock first.

Here are your free printables:



The instructions are on the printable sheets. Have fun making the egg boxes and give yourself a few choc perks as you make up the project. Enjoy.