Thursday, 20 March 2014

Horseshoe Purse Tutorial

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, I'm running a project with a flower print on it. These cute little horseshoe purses make sweet party favours. Pull the tab on the purse to open it and reveal the removable inner purse, which is just big enough to contain a few coins or a folded message. You can even fit two purses inside:
When the purses are open, they look a bit like those chattering teeth novelty gags - but in a good way! :)

Here are your printables. A tutorial follows.


Horseshoe Purse Tutorial

1 Above, the Horseshoe Purse pieces cut out and prepped (the inner purse how-tos follow later). Crease the two side strips in half lengthwise. Fold two widthwise centre purse folds, as shown. Fold the pull-tab in half widthwise and glue the halves together, aligning edges. Crease all the spiky tabs around the purse body at the base (mountain folds). 

2 Starting at the purse middle, glue on a side band all round, to the opposite side of the purse. The purse tabs should be at a 90 degree angle. Apply the glue onto the tabs, not the band - this makes positioning easier, one tab at a time.
3 Above, gluing the purse band. Work the band round, making sure the the band end aligns with the end of the last tab.

4 Glue a reinforcement inside the purse, as shown. Pierce a hole through all layers.
5 Next, apply glue onto the upper half of the inside side band. Carefully fold the band in half, to the inside of the purse. Take particular care at the curves. Don't stint with the glue - the moister the band is, the more easily it will conform to the curves. In fact, it is a good idea to start at the curves, then smooth outwards. This is the trickiest bit!
6 On the inside of the purse, tamp the band down with a bone folder. Next, apply the remaining side band to the other side of the purse. 
7 Next, glue the pull tab onto the underside of the centre front of the purse, like so:
The horsehoe purse is now finished and looks like this:
8 Time now to make the removable inside purse. You need these pattern pieces:
If you want your purse to be lined with print on the inside, then you must print and cut out two oval Purse Body pieces.
9 First put align the purse pocket with one side of the purse body oval and glue down the tabs.
10 Turn the purse over and position the closure band across the purse front, as shown. Hold the band in place and turn the purse to the back again.
11 Glue the band tabs down on the purse back, leaving just a little bit of slack in the band.
12 With wrong sides facing and edges aligned, glue the second body oval onto the purse, concealing the tabs. Tamp the edges down.
13 On the purse front, score a fold line just above the pocket. 
14 To close the purse, insert the flap under the band. Prime the flap first by rolling it to give it a gently curve.
15 Tie the tag onto the purse with a piece of craft thread (you'll have to pierce or punch holes in the tag and and purse).
16 Insert the mini purse in the bottom of the horseshoe purse. You're done!
Make a bunch!