Friday, 7 March 2014

Foldable Celtic Knot Embellishments

I have some fancy folding for you today - 3-D Celtic Knot Embellishments. They look great in gold glimmer paper. The knots look impressively intricate - but you can learn to fold them with just a little practice. The basic knot shape is of one-piece construction, which is convenient --- and a nice party trick! All the knots work on the same principle: fold the "arms" to the centre, then swing the free side to the back. You can catch a hoop in the loops for an extra-fancy touch - loop-de-loop deluxe.

Print the Celtic Knots template onto the wrong side of the paper, then cut and fold. There are tutorials for each shape of knot.

There's also a download for a bag topper. The idea is that a cello pack of Celtic Knot embellishments would make a welcome gift for a calligrapher or card-maker: 3-D illuminated manuscripts!

Fix the knots onto your project with sticky dots.

Here are your downloads:

I've done tutorial sheets for the three knot shapes - the squares, the trefoils, and the hearts:
If you'd like to learn how to design your own 2-dimensional Celtic Knots, these books by Sheila Sturrock are great:
Celtic Knotwork Handbook 
Celtic Spirals Handbook
Both books are from GMC Publications Ltd. Neither title is new - but they are worth tracking down. The first title is available used and new, the second is still in print. Each title de-mystifies the process of drawing Celtic Knots in a clear and user-friendly manner - and throws in a bit of history to boot. The books are intended for pencil-drawing, but if you've gone digital than the geometric principles still apply, of course.

Have fun illuminating your manuscripts, gifts, or cards.