Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring Baskets

Well, here we are - March. Not quite Spring - but Spring-like. Something in the air, even if the heat's still on. The trees are blossoming. So, in anticipation of warmer weather, I am running these Spring Baskets. It is early for Mother's Day and Easter makes - but you can get a headstart.

I've given you a choice of two colourways in mixed gingham prints: pink/blue or orange/purple (just a little bit diff).

Fill the baskets with sweets or a small gift. The baskets make fun party favours.

Here are some 2014 dates for you:
UK Mother's Day: 30 March
American Mother's Day: 11 May

Here are your printables:

Print the baskets on white photocopier cardstock. The instructions are on the page. To sum things up: cut out the basket, handle, and tag. Score the folds, making sure that they are going in the right direction (insies or outsies), join the sides, attach the handle. Good to go for gifting!