Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fold 'n' Twist Cards

In my previous post, I reviewed Paper Folding Templates, by Trish Witkowski (Apple Press, 2012). The author expressed the desire for the templates to be used as "a springboard for creativity". Today's blogpost projects are based upon a couple of the wow-factor designs in the book.

First up, a couple of Fold 'n' Twist Cards, based upon the Twist Fold card on page 151:
The design is true to the template, whose design lines are similar to these:
I simply dropped a design into the format. (The circle of text in the centre says "Happy Spring!", in case you were wondering.)

After that straightforward use of the format, I decided to experiment and turn the idea into a flower shape:
With inner petals
No inner petals
These cards are big fun in that they have a TARDIS-like effect - bigger on the inside (once they have been opened). Like so:
To open, pull petals in opposite directions. Remove the seal first!
 Tah dah! The text reads " Birthday Wishes".

Since I was pursuing a Springtime/flower theme, I then followed up with a hexagonal design. The book featured a folded card with a configuration similar to the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt pattern:

I played around with it, edited it down and tried different folding methods to come up with these:

The basic pattern is like this:
I have always been partial to swirls! Pinch the corners to make the triangles, fold them flat to the centre, spiralling them round.

So there you go - start with a template, then experiment.

Here are your downloadable printables (my original designs, not using the templates from the book, but using the ideas in the book as a starting point):

Have fun making your surprise-factor cards. And enjoy experimenting with folded shapes.