Wednesday, 8 July 2015

PaperCrafter Issue 84: out now!

Storage bunting.
Keyring storage pockets.
Slot-lid gift boxes.
PaperCrafter Issue 84:
out now - featuring three of my projects, all practical containers. Cut them out digitally on a Silhouette machine, or for those who have not yet teched-up (what are you waiting for???!) - print and hand-cut (the papercraft equivalent of snail mail). 

The Storage Bunting is a lightbulb idea - a decorative garland with stealth storage! Put wallspace to good use!

The Keyring Storage Pockets are ideal for small bits'n'bobs - stationery items or haberdashery whatnots.

The Gift Boxes have slot lids in two different versions - basic or with an easy-pull handle.  

The projects are in the Take one Tool feature. If you have never used a Silhouette machine (one of the universe's marvels), then there is some
get-acquainted how-to info. 

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