Monday, 27 July 2015

The Novel Cure, by Ella Bethoud and Susan Elderkin

The Novel Cure
By Susan Elderkin and Ella Bethoud
Canongate Books 2015
Paperback, £9.99 ( September 3, 2015)
Hardback: £17.99 (already published)
ISBN 978 085786 421 5

I have often noticed that many crafters are readers, too. Example: the Book Club on the UK Scrappers website.

So – today I am going a bit off my brief to share a delightful and extremely entertaining new paperback. The Novel Cure is a genius concept – a reading directory, the lightbulb idea of Susan Elderkin and Ella Bethoud, who run a “bibliotherapy” service recommending good reads to clients. The Novel Cure is a guide to finding the right book at the right time – prescriptions, if you will. (I can empathize because I am rooting around for an epic read at the moment –  there is no obvious Goldfinch this summer.) 

How to read it? You can browse it, or use one of the indexes at the back – the  Index of Reading Ailments, or the index of Authors and Novels – or the Index of Lists. (Of course, there would be indexes plural). (Taster: “Ailments” include: Fear of Sci-Fi, Empty-nest Syndrome, or just plain Boredom.)  Match the read to your mood or life situation.

This book is destined to be the geek-appeal Xmas stocking filler of 2015. And it will be purchased in pairs – because if you intend to gift a friend, you will want one for yourself. It is an ideal book to dip into during a craft-y timeout coffee break. (Yes, I suppose it is a quality “loo read”.)

Note: this is a light-hearted title for serious readers. It is not just about directing you towards specific titles – it is about how to fit reading into your busy life.

I will be back on my usual craft-y book review track very soon. I’ve got some great new titles to bring to your attention. 

Note: I was supplied with a review copy of this title.