Monday, 20 July 2015

Fröbel Star Connections

A solo Fröbel Star is a thing of beauty in its own right – but being crafty and curious, it may not have escaped your notice that the star points of each Fröbel are pockets. Tah dah – these can be used as connectors. Each Fröbel is a modular unit which can be used to construct larger shapes. Point to pocket - perfect fit!

The star points can be connected in two different ways – seamless link or gappy. See the pic, above. With this knowledge, you can experiment and construct all sorts of ornaments (below).
Here’s a pic of a Fröbel wreath (not my original idea – it’s a thing – Google it). There are also methods of folding down one point and interlocking the shapes – but I’m not doing advanced Fröbel construction in this post. 
You can also insert a Fröbel weaving strip through the weaving slots to make a hanging loop. (The strip ends will come out on opposite sides of the star.) Trim the strip ends below the slots. Add a dab of glue inside the slots to secure.

Now – if you want your Fröbel ornaments to stay together, it is probably a good idea to put a dab of PVA glue inside the pockets using a cocktail stick applicator. 

Tempted? Check out my Fröbel Star Tut & Tips posted earlier. Enjoy!

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