Friday, 17 July 2015

Fröbel Star Gift Box

Okay - you've done a quick study and you've mastered all the moves (as seen in yesterday's blogpost). Now you want to show off your new Fröbel Star-making skill to the world. You need a gift box - the perfect way to show off a single-sided Fröbel Star. It is the ideal adornment for a box lid - a fun alternative to a bow.

So - for you today, I have a freebie printable/print-and-cut box - sized exactly to fit a Fröbel Star on the lid. (The star must be constructed with 1.5cm/5/8in weaving strips.)

Here's the box:

There's not much to know about making the box. Print, cut, score, fold. I've coloured-blocked the flaps to make them easy to fold. You need to attach the top flaps to either side of the top edge of the box, as indicated by the arrows. Quick method: d/s tape does the job.

Stick your Fröbel Star on top with a sticky dot.

I thought I'd give you an easy day today, since I ran you through the paces with all that Fröbel-folding yesterday. There's still more to come - playing with modular Fröbels!


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