Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Slider Pillow Box

My pillow box binge continues. I had a bee in my bonnet - just had to make that slider box. Easy access - I've added a handle and a tassel so you can simply pull the lid off.  

I guess I should have been a packaging designer - but in a way, I guess I am one now. Re: the Slider Pillow Box - I intend for it to conjure up visons of elegant Art Deco dressing tables - not Maccy D pies!

Here are your files - there's a tassel refresher course below. 
Slider Pillow Box
Print and cut! Score and crease the folds. Glue the handle tabs onto the box lid end. Assemble the boxes (top and bottom pieces) - use d/s tape or tacky glue. The tag is optional.

Tassel Refresher Course:
1 Cut a piece of card 7cm wide. Cut two slits at one end to catch the beginning and end thread tails.
2 Wrap craft thread around the card 12-15 times. Tails in slits.
3 Pass a craft thread loop through the tassel top - make a half hitch knot.
4 Cut the tassel off the card. Don't worry if the bottom edge isn't level - trim it later.
5 Time for the amazing tassel wrap:

With a piece of contrast craft thread, lay a downward-facing loop near the top of the tassel. Spiral thread downwards, 10-12 wraps. Don't let go of the spirals. Cut the thread end short and pass it through the loop.
Now gently pull from the top. The thread end will be concealed and the loop secures. Trim visible tail ends. Tah dah.

And that's it. But I'm not done with pillow boxes. Stay tuned.