Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Book Review: Printed Textile Design

Printed Textile Design

By Amanda Briggs-Goode

Laurence King Publishing 2013

ISBN 978 1 78067 1185

Paperback £22.50

From time to time I like to look in on textile design titles because surface pattern design is of great importance to the papercrafter. In fact, in the opening paragraph of the intro, the author mentions cards and stationery as being within the realm of the textile designer. 

This book is intended as an introductory text for students of textile design. The author is the Course Leader for BA Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University. It examines the process of design – how to approach it, the mechanics of textile design, production methods, and gives a timely overview of the industry. The photos of the manufacturing processes have been specially commissioned – so they are bang up-to-date, not tired photo library material.

The section on colour theory is especially strong and is useful for any designer. Basic instructions about how to produce a repeat  design on a computer are provided, although other textile design books  go into the subject in greater depth. 

The author is attuned to environmental concerns. The concept of “slow fashion” is a current buzz word – designing products with staying power, rather than disposable items. This idea is, perhaps, not so relevant to papercrafters from a practical standpoint. But – the idea of upcycling an existing object can be applied.

The Design in Practice section is a winner. It is a fascinating look at the professional options for designers, including freelancing, working in a design studio, being a designer-maker, designing for niche markets, and craft production. Each option is accompanied by a case study – a behind-the-scenes visit with a practicing designer. I was delighted to find the genius Timourous Beasties, interior fabric and wallpaper designers featured. You learn about the designer’s professional motivation and how they established their careers.

The strengths of this book are in providing an overview of the textile design process and an up-to-date examination of how the textile design industry operates.

Note: I was supplied with a review copy of this title.