Thursday, 17 October 2013

Ivy Trellis Gift Bags

These Ivy Trellis gift bags can be used all year round - add a pretty red bow for the festive season. The ivy link garland is fun to make and is a very useful embellishment. Go ivy on greeting cards, giftwrap treatments, scrapbook pages. Enlarge the links to make Christmas tree garlands or party decs - makes a nice change from paper chains.

There are downloads for the bags and garlands, plus a mini-tut on the garlands.

Here are your files:


About the gift bags:  The bigger-sized gift bag is pieced. The bag handle reinforcements are optional. Glue them behind the handles (with glue stick) if you think your paper choice is a little flimsy. Score the folds, then crease with a bone folder. Join the "seam" - it goes at the back. For the bag base, fold in the side flaps first, then slip the tab into the slot. You can glue the tab for a secure seal. If the bag contents are heavy, line the base with a paper rectangle a smidge smaller than the size of the slotted base.

Tie one end of the garland onto the bag handle. Secure the other end with a small Dodz sticky dot by 3-L.

Ivy Garland Mini-Tut
1. Cut out the ivy loopy links-it is best to use double-sided green paper - looks more realistic. But you can print-and-cut if you prefer. Crease each leaf in half to make a centre vein. For a nice, crisp fold: score first with an embossing tool held against a metal straightedge.

2. Link the loops. The loop end is inserted from underneath the previous loop. Very important!
3. Next, slip the inside edge of each ivy leaf on top of the previous loop. That's it! Repeat to make an ivy garland of the desired length.
Ivy Garland
Here's a fun (and eco-conscious) gift presentation idea. Simply wrap an ivy garland, spiral-style around a wine bottle. Secure the top with a bow and the end with a glue dot. Tie the gift tag onto the throat of the bottle. No wasteful giftwrap. The recipient knows what the gift is, anyhow - there's no disguising a bottle! 
A vine for the wine!