Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Ski Sweater Buntings

It is coming up to my 100th blog post (this is no. 98)! Wow. To celebrate, I'm posting a co-ordinated batch of seasonal papercrafts. A veritable freebie extravaganza. The theme: Nordic-style Ski Sweaters (alas, no Sara Lund to watch this season). Today's make: festive buntings in graduated sizes, nano (suitable for giftwrapping & scrapbook pages); mini and large (suitable for decking the halls).

Here are your downloads:


So, you're good to go. Nothing much to know about making these up.
For the .pdf version of the nanos and minis, you will need to pierce the stringing holes with a hand-held circle holepunch. (Or with a needle - take care.) Thread the nanos and minis on craft thread (a large-eyed needle may come in handy) and the maxis on 1cm(3/8in)-wide ribbon. Make sure that the ribbon doesn't twist.

Here's a back view of the maxis:
You need to stick down the bottom of the tabs with snippets or d/s tape or glue.

Of course, you can adjust the bunting sizes as you wish. And of course, tweak the print-out so you can fit as many as possible onto a single sheet of paper. I like to make them up in 120gsm paper.

So, there you go: put a flag on it!
Here's a preview of projects to come very soon:
Slot-top gift boxes.

Gift box cornets.
There will also be a Christmas card rack. Stay tuned!