Monday 28 October 2013

Ski Sweater Gift Boxes

Ski Sweater gift boxes today. The slot-top lids are easy to fit in place.

There are two slightly different print designs to choose from.
... and of course, you can re-size the boxes (as long as they fit onto the printer paper). Thanks to the sides extending above the lid, the boxes are stackable, which makes for a pretty display.

Here are your free downloads:


There's nothing much to know about making the boxes up. If you are making the .pdf version, then you must cut the slots out with a craft knife held against a straight edge (use a cutting mat). For all versions, simply score the side flaps and the base folds, then join the adjacent flap to the underside of its neighbouring side.

Tip: tie the gift tag through a slot, before you put the lid on!:
For a classy, textile-like effect, use textured cardstock (like American Crafts Cardstock, which is printer and digi-cutter friendly).

 So that's it. Enjoy the freebie printable gift boxes!