Friday, 25 October 2013

Ski Sweater Cornets

Post No. 99 today: Ski Sweater Cornets. Free downloads and a tut, too!
The finished cornet measures about 11.5 x 4cm (4-1/2 x 1-1/2in) - big enough to contain a few sweet treats or a small gift. If you punch holes near the top (at either side) and add a ribbon hanging loop, a cornet makes a great tree ornament. Or use them as party favours.

Here are your free downloads:


The .pdf files are simple print-and-cut. For the .studio files, I fit everything onto one page, so you will have to shift the tags around
when you print-and-cut. No big deal - just make sure all the elements are in the printing area.

Now for the tut:

Ski Sweater Cornet Tutorial

1. This pic shows the cornet components cut out and prepped. Score the folds using an embossing tool held against a metal straightedge. For the cornet, score the vertical folds and those at the base of the top flaps. For the top knot: score the vertical folds and a fold across the middle widthwise. Craft thread has been attached to the gift tag with a half-hitch knot.
2. Join up the cornet. Apply d/s tape or glue to the flap. Take care to match up the pattern (like when sewing a garment!). 
3. Tamp down the join inside to make sure that the seal is secure. A bone folder helps you reach right down to the point.

4. Punch a hole for the gift tag in the corner of one of the top flaps. I've used a 1/8in circle handpunch to do the job. 
5. Tie on the gift tag.
6. Fill the cornet with the gift or goodies. When you close the top flaps, make sure the gift tag is on the outside! Fold the flaps: start with the gift tag flap. One, two, three, four (anti-clockwise) - tuck the last flap under. Tah dah. The cornet is pretty as is. Or, you can add a decorative seal to the top (use a sticky dot, Dodz by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L). Or, you can add an extravagant pleated fan top-knot...
7. Accordion-pleat the top-knot. Staple it at the centre. I used my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, my favourite stapler in the universe - it reaches to the centre easily. Now you've got a pleated bow:
8. Fold the bow in half widthwise. Join together with d/s tape or sticky dots. Pinch the join to make sure it is secure. You've got a fan. Open out the fan to 180 degrees. Apply sticky dots along the bottom edge (you need at least three, one at the centre, and at opposite ends).

9. Stick on the top-knot. Apply it diagonally. Make sure that the printed side faces front! All done. Time for a party!:

Well, that was Papercraft Post No.99! More Ski Sweater makes soon: gift boxes, a Christmas card rack, mitten cards. Thanks for visiting!

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