Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bakewell Tart Gift Boxes


Are you still thinking Bake Off? Here are some papercrafted Bakewell Tart Gift Boxes. I have to admit, when I see projects like crocheted cupcakes (and I do love crochet), I think "get a life!". But these cake look-alikes are big fun to make - and they are functional - they are gift boxes that make super-cute party favours or stocking fillers. Quick to make with my free downloads (and tut).

The "Bakewell Tart" is made of a hexagonal box base and an "icing/crust" topper. The box and topper are made from American Crafts Cardstock, and the flower and holly leaves are made from
Inspire Me Paper.

Here are your free downloads:


To use your American Crafts Cardstock, you must cut it down from scrapbook size to A4 size so it can go through the printer. (No worries, I will come up with some projects for the leftover strips of cardstock...)
The card is printer and cutter friendly. It has a lovely textured surface which takes folding and gluing well.

Here' how:

Bakewell Tart Gift Box Tutorial 

1. Above, Bakewell Tart components assembled and ready to go!
2. Score the box folds, crease on the folds. To assemble the box, fold up the sides and glue each tab onto the adjacent side on the inside of the box. Like so:
Here's a pic of the box, all joined up:
(I cheated and used d/s tape for demo purposes. In real life, use tacky PVA glue.)

3. Time to fold the box top. Fold down each flap consecutively, going in an anti-clockwise direction. The rounded flap corner goes on the outside.
When you get to the last flap, tuck it under. Doh Dept: of course, you must fill the box with its contents (sweeties a prime contender) before you stick on the topper! :)
Above, the finished hexagonal box. You can use it on its own, without the Bakewell Tart topper!
4. Time to make the topper. Above, the topper disc cut out. Now, if you have a digital papercutter, you are one lucky person. If cutting out this many-armed shape by hand - patience is a virtue! (It goes pretty quickly, really!). Use decoupage scissors, for fine-cutting. Emboss the centre dot, so it shows on the wrong side of the topper. Now, turn the topper over. Like so:
Shape the arms inwards, to prime them for folding:
4. Now for the fun part: folding the "crust":
Fold and tuck each arm as shown. Bend each arm backwards and tuck the rounded end of each arm behind. Fold each arm consecutively, going in an anti-clockwise direction. Magic: a 3D corded effect forms.
When you get to the last arm, tuck it under in the same way.
Above, the finished topper base.

5. Next, score each holly leaf down the centre and fold it in half. Glue the holly leaves in place on the topper like so:
Only glue on half of each leaf, for 3D effect.
6. Now for the flower:
Fold each arm of the flower at the base, as shown above. Next, fold each arm down consecutively, tucking the last one under:

Pierce or punch a hole in the centre of the flower and insert a mini-brad. You have been given two styles of centre flowers. The other style (smaller flower) is made in exactly the same way.
7. Next, place sticky foam pads or sticky dots on the wrong side of the topper. One in the centre, and also at 12, 3, 6, and nine o'clock. Time to attach the topper to the box:
Invert the box and press it onto the topper. It is easier to see what you are doing this way, so you can get everything centred correctly.
Above, a finished Bakewell Tart Gift Box.
8. And here's the gift tag:
Just loop some craft thread through the hole. You can attach the tag to the flower brad.

To open the box, you must remove the topper. Do it carefully, and you can recyle the Bakewell Tart Gift Box! 
 So, there you go. Time for a papercrafter's tea party! Enjoy.

Note: Handy Hippo Crafts, where you can find the AC Cardstock and Inpsire Me papers used for the Bakewell Tarts, has sponsored this project.