Thursday 21 November 2013

Mini Milk Cartons & Crates

Today we have some cute Mini Milk Cartons - and Milk Crate Holders. Fill the cartons with goodies or small surprises - fun party favours or stocking fillers. They are quick and easy to make. 

Here are your free downloads:


Your printables look like this:
If you are going to make this project by hand, then you will need to carefully cut out the holes in the crates with a craft knife. (Alternatively, you could choose not to cut out the crate holes - the finished result will still look fun.)

I have made this project with AC Cardstock. It comes in 12 x 12 sheets, so you need to cut it down to A4 size to fit through your printer. This is worth the small effort, because the cardstock prints and folds beautifully!

Making up the project is super-easy, but here's a tut, anyhow:

Milk Carton & Crate Tutorial

1. Above, the pieces cut out and folded. All the folds are mountain folds except for the folds at the top of the "V's" and the top flap, which are valley folds. If you are hand-cutting the project, don't forget to cut the slit in the base of the milk carton.
2. Next, join the side of the milk carton, either with tacky PVA glue or d/s tape. Your carton should now look like this:
4. Next, fold the bottom flaps. First two: the side flaps. Fold one over the other, like so:
Then fold the flap with the slot upwards. Finally, secure the bottom of the carton by inserting the tab into the slot:
5. Time now for the milk carton top. Make sure that the sides have been folded inwards:
Squeeze the top together as shown (sorry for blurry pic). Next, seal the top flaps together with d/s tape. You can also punch or piece two holes through the top and tie it together with a craft thread bow.
6. Time now for the crate:
Above, a crate cut out, scored, folded. Apply d/s tape or glue to the side strips of the side panels. Join flaps to adjacent sides to complete the milk carton:
Below, the finished milk crate:
All the crates are made this way, no matter what the style.

That's all there is to it. Add a gift tag if desired.

Enjoy the milk run! 

 This project was sponsored by Handy Hippo .


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