Sunday, 3 November 2013

Xmas Tree Card Rack

Here's another "toast rack-style" card holder. This one has a Ski Sweater Christmas tree motif on the end panels. The pointy apex makes it just a little bit trickier to make than the Reindeer Card Rack in my previous post (Reindeer Card Rack) - all will be explained in the accompanying tutorial. This is the last design in my Ski Sweater festive makes series. 

Here are your free downloads:


Your files look like this:
Now for the how-tos:

Christmas Tree Card Rack Tutorial
1. Above, the pattern pieces cut out from cardstock. If you are making the .pdf version, you must carefully cut the slots using a craft knife held against a straightedge. Work over a cutting mat.
2. Place the slotted body piece on top of a printout of the pattern template. Carefully mark the fold lines with an embossing tool held against a straightedge. The fold lines are marked on the pattern template with lines to either side of the body piece.
3. Take extra care with the apex fold. Fold it over a metal straight edge. Make sure the creases are sharp.
4. Tamp down the fold with a bone folder to make sure the creases are crisp. Also score and fold the two end pieces (the trees).
5. All prepped and ready to go. Apply d/s tape to all the flaps.
6. Attach a tree end piece to either end of the base. Wings!
7. Attach the first two sides of the end pieces to th body piece. Tamp down the seal on the inside with a bone folder.
8. Fold up the base tab and stick the side tabs of the tree end pieces behind it. Then adhere the remaining two sides and the base, aligning edges. Pinch the apex, to make sure it makes a sharp point.

9. Above, the finished Xmas Tree Card Rack. You can reach inside to smooth down the flaps and make sure the joins are adhered properly.
Make up a batch of these in both the red and green colourways. Mix and match them with the Reindeer Card Racks. Happy card-browsing!

Next up: crafty book reviews. There are lots of lovely titles out this  autumn!