Saturday, 2 November 2013

Reindeer Card Rack

If you prefer to browse through your holiday cards, rather than display them, then this is the card rack for you. You will not be surprised to find out that the design was inspired by... a toast rack. The rack co-ordinates with all my other Ski Sweater designs.

Here are your free downloads (tutorial follows):


Your files look like this - end pieces and slots:
 Reindeer Card Rack Tutorial
1. Pic above shows the card rack pieces cut out. If making the .pdf version, you will have to carefully cut out all the slots with a craft knife held against a straightedge. Yes, I know - I didn't want to deprive non-digi-crafter from making this project. (Remember to work over a cutting mat.)

2. From now on the how-tos are for both hand-crafters and digi-crafters. Lay the body piece over a print out of the pattern template. Score the fold lines (indicated by the lines to either side of the "toast rack". Also score the fold lines on the end pieces. Like so:
3. Apply d/s tape to the bottom edge of the "toast rack" body and to all the tabs on the end pieces, as shown above.
4. Attach the end pieces to either side of the toast rack base.
6. Attach the end piece tabs to the inside edge of the toast rack.
7. Turn up the flap on the edge of the toast rack. Next, turn up the side pieces and adhere them behine the long edge. Make sure everything is perpendicular: 90 degree angles. Turn the top tabs of the side pieces outwards, so they don't get in the way.
8. Bring the slots around and attach them to the long edge of the base and to the sides. Align all the edges.
9. You can reach inside the end slots to smooth and secure the joins.
10. Now tuck the remaining tabs under, centre top, either side.
11. Once again, you can reach inside to secure the seal. All done now:
Simply slip the cards in the slots. Like so:

The card rack can hold a sizeable number of cards if you place more than one card in each slot. I like to make a few: red and green versions. That takes care of all the holiday greetings.