Friday, 8 November 2013

Patchwork Star Ornaments

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Here are some pretty basic patchwork star ornaments: there's plenty going on with the mixed prints, so it is best to keep the ornament design streamlined.

Here are the downloads for your printables:

To make the "solo" ornaments, glue two star pentagons back-to-back with edges aligned. I apply tacky glue with a cocktail stick. Pdf version: punch a hole for the hanging loop. Thread craft thread through the hole to make the loop. I like to colour the white edges of the card with a brush-tip marker in a similiar colour (my Tim Holtz Distress Markers came in handy here).

I like to make triple-star cascades, top pic (top right). Not much to explain. Punch a hole at centre bottom of each star and join them, bottom edge-to-top with a brad. 

For the 3D stars (bottom pic), score, then fold, a centre line on two stars. Align the edges of the pentagons. Staple in two places along the centre fold. (My Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher can easily reach to the centre of the shapes.) I've made my 3D stars out of cardstock, but if you use paper, then you can add more layers to your creation. 

I like the stars just plain, but you could add a bow as a finishing touch - or a jingle bell.

The patchwork stars make great gift tags when used single-layered (write message on back).