Saturday, 16 November 2013

Deep Dish Pie Gift Boxes

Did you enjoy making the Bakewell Tart Gift Boxes in my previous post (Bakewell Tarts)? Now that you know the ropes, I'm going to ramp things up a bit...

Presenting: Deep Dish Pie Gift Boxes. Bigger than the Bakewell Tarts, and a little fancier - in a decorative papercraft-y sort of way.

These Prize-Winning Pies come with winner's rosettes/ribbons - and the accompanying gift tag looks like a pie-server. Free downloads are followed by a step-by-step tut.

There are three sheets of downloads - one for the pie crust, one for the gift box base, and one for the "extras":


Looks like a lot of stuff - but that is because I've given you lots of embellishment options! The concept is simple: the "pie crust" is a topper that sits on top of the gift box.

Deep Dish Pie Gift Box Tutorial
1. Above, the components for one Deep Dish Pie Gift Box. Choose cardstock for the box and pie crust pieces, pearlescent paper for the ribbon pieces, and mirror card for the server. You will also need two brads and some sticky foam pads or glue dots.
2. Make the box first. Glue the adjacent tabs on the inside of the box. I have used d/s tape for demo purposes - but you should use tacky PVA glue on the underside of each tab to join the box for real.
 Here's the completed box:
3. Insert the contents in the box and close the lid by folding down the flaps consecutively, in an anti-clockwise direction; rounded corner of each flap on the outside.
When you reach the last flap, tuck it in:
Finished box:
4. Now for the pie crust. You should have six identical pieces. On each piece, score and fold the base of the hexagon at the top and the flap.
When you join the pieces, make sure all the arms face in the same direction. Here we go:
To make the dome-shaped pie crust, match the edges of the centre hexagons. Glue the hexagon on top of the previous one, with edges aligned - and the side flap underneath. Note that there is a centre hole on each of the hexagons - this is for the brad.
Above: side edges aligned, flap underneath. Continue building up the pie crust in this way.
When you have completed the pie crust dome, shape each arm upwards to prime it for folding. Here's what the inside of the umbrella-shaped pie crust looks like:
5. Next, make the swirl flower for the pie crust top. 
Fold each arm at the base. This step is very important. Next, fold each arm to to the centre, conscutively. Tuck the last arm under. There is a hole at the centre of the swirl flower - insert a brad through it. Attach the swirl flower through the top hole in the pie crust.
6. Now for the fun bit - forming the "corded effect" border. Simple fold and tuck the arms. Fold each arm over, then tuck the end bulb under. Continue around the pie rim. Fold the last arm over and under in the usual way:
Here's the completed pie crust top:
Glue an embellishment in each segment. Choice of simple leaf, oak leaf, holly leaf, star, or heart.
6. To complete the pie crust, glue the cardstock circle onto the underside of the dome:
7. Time to make the ribbon/rosette.
It is a teeny bit fiddly passing the brad through the centre of the one-piece ribbon, so I have given you an alternative construction method: five individual ribbon arms. Just thread them onto the brad one at a time. The finished rosette looks pretty much the same.
Above, the finished pie crust topper. You might wish to chalk the edges of the crust and the trims, for definition.

8. All that remains to do now is to attach the pie crust topper to the gift box. Place sticky foam pads or glue dots on the underside of the pie crust. I stick one in the centre, and four others at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock.
Lower the box onto the pie crust - it is easier to centre this way.

Congrats! Your Deep Dish Pie Gift Box is now complete:
Ideal for Thanksgiving treats, Christmas, or just for fun. Whatever you are celebrating, enjoy!
Aerial view of pies, à la Google Map!