Friday, 13 May 2016

3D Origami, by Maria Angela Carlessi. Review.

3D Origami
15 cute creatures to make using modular paper triangles
By Maria Angela Carlessi
Search Press 2016
Paperback £13.95
ISBN 978-1-78221-409-0

Star rating: ****

At last! A book on Golden Venture Origami   a big thank you, to author  Maria Angela Carlessi.  I’ve been meaning to spotlight this nifty 3-D paper folding technique, which uses interlocking triangles to build up a project.  It requires time and patience – which I guess fits in with the mindful crafting vibe.  The author is the proprietor of a craft shop in Italy. She was looking for a technique to attract her customers – and she got hooked on this intriguing origami variation. 

The projects are all twee creatures – so this book would be an ace pre-half-term purchase. (Cutesy animals do seem to be a primary end product of Golden Venture.) Even if cute animals are not your thing, the basic how-tos at the front-of-the book are a goldmine of well-presented technique info. So... you can learn the basics and take the craft wherever you want to go. There are clear photo step-by-steps accompanied by text.

The author does a really good job of incorporating pattern and colour into her projects. (I can see how the run-up to a colour change would engender crafty anticipation, as in knitting or crochet!) The Swan with the diamond motifs is a prime example of this. ( BTW, Golden Venture swans are a thing – and Maria Angela Carlessi’s one is just right – colourful and not too intricate.)

My favourite projects are the previously-mentioned Swan, the Tortoise, the Owl, and the Squirrel. These are charming without being too twee.
It is fascinating how curvilinear shapes can be built up from interlinking triangular pockets.

For a clear introduction to a papercraft variation that is growing in popularity, 3D Origami fills the bill. 

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