Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bandana Ice Cream Container

I'm still on my bandana binge. Bandanas in non-traditional colours are very now. Today's project is a sweet gift container or party favour that has several special features. The slotted lid has a handle - which makes it easy to remove. Clock the lovely swirl flower topper. Concealed under the lid: a "secret message" gift enclosure. Plus the entire print-and-cut project fits on just one page of photocopier card!

Whether you call this type of container an ice cream cup - or a tub - it is one fun-to-make project.

Here is your free design (hand-cut or Silhouette digi-cut):

 Bandana Ice Cream Cup
1 Print and cut out the template pieces. If cutting by hand, take care cutting the cup slots with a craft knife held against a small metal ruler.

2 To make the cup base: Glue the tab to make a ring. (Tip: "prime" the cup shape by moulding it around your hand to make it curve gently before gluing.) Fold the tabs on the cup base up and apply tacky PVA glue. Lower the base into the cup on a flat surface. Stick all the tabs, making sure the base is flush with the tabletop.

3 Lid: if cutting by hand, carefully cut the curved slits and pierce the centre hole. Cut out the swirl flower (and pierce centre hole). To fold the flower, crease each petal in half. Fold each arm of the swirl at the base, then fold down consecutively, tucking the last ones under. Attach the flower to the lid with a brad at the flower centre. After flower is attached, attach the lid handle. Prime the handle to make it curve. Fold the lid handle tabs and glue them onto opposite cup lid tabs.

4 Finally, fold the gift enclosure in half and slip it in place on the lid underside, under the tabs.

This is an ideal project to make up in quantity. It also makes a fun project for a child's craft party - just pre-cut the pieces and package them in a cello bag for each guest.