Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Succulent Gift Box

The cactii/succulent crafty trend is impossible to ignore - and I am very happy to jump on the bandwagon. (As a child, I had  "pet" jade plant - shame about the mealy bugs.) Back to business - this project is surprisingly easy to make, and fun besides. The box has a recessed lid to create the plant pot effect. Notice the mock sandpainting effect. Very retro!

Here are your free designs - hand-cut (.pdf) or digi-cut (Silhouette):

Succulent Gift Box

1 Print the design, cut out the pieces, crease the folds. All of the leaves on the leaf swirls must be folded at the base. Fold each leaf in half, tip to base.

2 Assemble the box. Join the adjacent sides before you fold in the recessed top. You can use either tacky PVA glue or d/s tape.

3 To fold each leaf swirl, fold the leaves down consecutively, tucked under as required. Stack and glue the leaf swirls, points of each swirl placed in between those of the previous layer. Use snippets of corrugated card as spacers, glued between the layers - this gives the plant a bit of height.  (If you can find green corrugated, that's great.)
Glue the stacked leaves onto the box lid, also using a spacer. All done!

This cute dinky box makes a fun party favour. The box opening is concealed, but it opens easily - just hunt for the correct side of the lid.