Monday, 9 May 2016

Window Pillow Box

I'm a big fan of pillow boxes. Today, I have a contrast print pillow box with a window - ideal for sweet treats or occasions when the surprise factor is not your top consideration. I like how the reverse print peek-a-boos through the cello window. 

Here is your free print-and-cut design:
WindowPillowBox 2of2.pdf 

The digi-cut version is for Silhoutte Studio Version 3.

Window Pillow Box: Quick Study

This is a pretty easy project, so just a few notes:

I've printed my pillow boxes on plain white photocopier card 160gsm.

Cut the cello window from a roll of cellophane - this is considered a florist's supply. Use double-sided tape to stick the cellophane in place - position the tape around the window aperture - you can then trim excess cellophane away.

Inscribe the fold lines with a fine-point embossing tool. Take special care on the curves. Pre-fold all the creases.

Stick the contrast backing on to the wrong side of the box template. If you are lazy, you can pop it in after the box is folded - it won't shift.

There's just one flap to stick - then puff up the box by folding the sides.

Hope you like your Window Pillow Box. Hope it comes in handy.