Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bandana Gift Box

More coordinated bandana gift packaging (check out the ice cream cup). Today's project is a pretty gift container - another of my hybrids. It is a combination of a tied-corner tray and a pizza box. It ramps the scarf-print effect up one level and makes for distinctive re-usable gift packaging.

Here's your freebie design (hand-cut or Silhouette digi-cut):


Making the the gift box is pretty easy, so I'll just talk you through a few pointers. As you can see, it prints up on a single sheet of A4 photocopier card (160gsm). If cutting by hand, you will have to punch the holes with a 1/8in circle handpunch and the lid slits with a craft knife. Glue the corner reinforcements onto the wrong side of the box.
Score the folds - on the base: the base square and diagaonals to each corner. Score the fold lines for the lid. Crease the folds. Bow-tie the box corners - 25cm (10in) of narrow ribbon for each. To make the lid, slide the tabs into the slots.

When the box is finished, plump up the corners for a more scarf-like appearance.

This box would make ideal packaging for a bandana-print scarf! :)